The Boutique & Co. Outlet is a continuous sample sale! Housed downstairs of our trendy boutique in South West London The Outlet is your chance to grab a deal on the sample dresses we just can’t fit on our rails any more!

Sample sales are a fabulous way to find a great, designer wedding dress at a discounted price. This is especially true if your wedding date is approaching fast and you need a wedding dress quickly as all our dresses are ready to go on the day.

At The Boutique & Co Outlet dresses are reduced up to 70% from RRP (all are marked down at least 40%). All wedding dresses are £1000 or less and ready to take home with you on the day! Though don’t worry we can also store you dress for up to two weeks if you weren’t quite prepared to walk away with a dress on the day! With such amazing discounts, we thought we would offer our top tips for brides seeking an affordable wedding dress a sample sale. Below are our top tips for wedding dress sample sale shopping!

Diana wedding dress Aire Barcelona London The Boutique & Co Outlet
The ‘Diana’ dress by Aire Barcelona. Available in UK size 14 at The Boutique & Co Outlet

1. Do your research

Come prepared! Knowing what styles, shapes and designers you like will make deciding on a sample sale dress a lot easier. The Outlet is not ideal for discovering designers or trying on wedding dresses for the first time. If you have never tried on dresses before, we recommend doing so before visiting a sample sale.  As if you fall in love with a dress you will need to decide on the day so you don’t miss out! We always welcome any enquiries brides may have about dresses, so drop us a message if you want to know more about any of our styles but you can view the latest selection of sample wedding dresses available in The Outlet here. 

The ‘Yanet’ dress by Luna Novias. Available in UK size 14 at The Boutique & Co Outlet.

2. Choose one trustworthy person to take with you

This is probably our number one rule for wedding dress sample sale shopping. Think carefully about who to bring with you on the day or be available via FaceTime as you shop. When shopping for a sample dress you need to be able to decide on the day as going away to think about it risks another bride snapping up that dress at the next appointment. Too many opinions will only cloud your own judgement, we only allow 2 guests as a maximum partially for this reason! Try and bring a person who will be ready to give advice and help you make swift decisions, don’t waste time in dresses you don’t love and be confident when you find The One! 

Jaxon Madi Lane wedding dress London The Boutique & Co Outlet
The ‘Jaxon’ dress by Madi Lane. Available in UK size 14 at The Boutique & Co. Outlet

3. Be ready to buy

Sample sale dresses are usually last chance to buy certain styles, so they will sell – and fast! There’s typically one sample of each style and limited sizes, so you have to act quick to find the gown you love. Not to say that this will mean the experience should be stressful and rushed. Take it easy and don’t panic! After all, with wedding dress shopping and finding the one to marry, we always say when you know, you know! Knowing your budget and doing your research will ultimately help you find the perfect gown on the day. We recommend only buying a dress that can be altered realistically to your size as well, so consider alterations and ask our bridal stylists for seamstress recommendations.

Floyd Luna Novias wedding dress London The Boutique & Co Outlet
The ‘Floyd’ dress by Luna Novias. Available in UK size 16 The Boutique & Co Outlet

4. Explore bridal accessories & other offers

The Outlet also features special offers on other selected items besides wedding dresses as well, so it’s worth exploring all your options! We have assorted headpieces and accessories from Victoria Millésime available, as well as veils and bridal jackets. So it is a great opportunity to find all your bridal finishing touches for a great price, so make sure you check out everything during your visit!

Pau wedding dress Aire Barcelona London
The ‘Pau’ dress by Aire Barcelona. Available in UK size 12 at The Boutique & Co Outlet

5. Be ‘wedding style’ ready

We always advise that brides wear similar undergarments to what they will wear on the big day, as you can then assess the visibility and comfort under the fabric of the gown. Bring a hair tie so you can see how different wedding dresses look with a sophisticated hair-up style. We also recommend wearing a bit of makeup, so you’ll have some colour against the dress and won’t feel washed out. We provide heels at our store to try on with dresses, so you can see how they hit the floor as well. Putting your desired bridal look together as best as you can, will help put things into perspective on the day. This will ultimately mean more realistic decisions on how your wedding dress will look & feel!

Yoshiro wedding dress Luna Novias London The Boutique & Co Outlet
The ‘Yoshiro’ dress by Luna Novias. Available in UK size 14 at The Boutique & Co Outlet

6. Most importantly…have fun!

It’s not everyday you get to go shopping for your wedding dress, so remember to enjoy yourself and cherish all the special moments! Always remember that it’s your wedding dress you’re looking for, and it’s important you love it whether it’s half price or full price. So make the most of the day, even if you come away empty handed! You can always come back and book an appointment with us, to discover more of our stunning wedding dresses!

The ‘Cambel’ dress by Bianco Evento. Available in UK size 12 at The Boutique & Co Outlet.